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The “Joey O” speargun raffle

A few months ago I met up with Randy Ho. Over a beer, he told me the story of his buddy Joey O. Joey O was a lifelong friend and spearo who went by the nickname “The Ocean Slayer”. In 2020, he was killed in a tragic workplace accident. To make matters worse, he left behind a new wife and an unborn son. To remember their friend and help out young Joey O, Randy and his friends started selling “Joey O’s Ocean Slayers” apperal, with the profits going towards young Joey’a college fund.

Being a father myself, I was moved by this story and their effort to honor and help their friend and his family. To support their cause, I’ve built a Watch Hill Reef Gun which will be raffled off, with all proceeds going towards Baby Joey’s saving fund.

The gun is a 90cm Watch Hill Reef Gun, with a Neptonics mech, hardware and rigging and a Spearcrafters single flopper shaft. The wood burning is a large Joey O’s Ocean Slayers logo.

We’re raffling this gun off at the Tristate Scup Cup on June 26th. Tickets are $20 a piece and can be purchased by Venmo (@Randy-Ho-1). You don’t have to be present to win, we’ll ship the gun.

Thank you to all who participate, and good luck!

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