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The Spearguns

At Ocean State Spearguns, we are committed to delivering the optimum speargun for each situation and diver.  Because of that each gun will be slightly different based on personal preference and prevailing hunting conditions. Each gun is built-to-order and can be tailored to your specifications. 

Listed below are our gun designs.  Explore the options available by clicking on the "Custom Options" tab at the top of the page. To get a quote, fill out and return the PDF form below (  If you have any questions regarding the options available, view the "Custom Options" page or contact us via social media, text, email or phone.  Just because its not listed, doesnt mean we dont do it.  All requests and ideas are entertained!  A 50% deposit is requested to commence the build, with the remainder being paid upon completion.

Watch Hill Reef Spear Gun
Watch Hill Reef Speargun
Watch Hill Reef Speargun
Watch Hill Reef Speargun

The Watch Hill Reef Gun

Starting at $800

The flagship model, this “cuttlefish” shaped gun joins functionality and aesthetics. The side profile allows for improved tracking, while the wide mid-body provides the nessecary strength and rigidity for those powerful multi band guns. Besides the functionality, just look at those curves!  Each gun is perfectly ballasted to improve aiming and recoil. Choose from subtle color matching ballast plugs or the bold contrasting plugs to set your gun apart!  As in all of our models, each Watch Hill Reef Gun can be customized to your liking and preferances (see the "Custom Options" tab at the top of the page).

Atlantis Speargun
Atlantis Speargun


Starting at $1100

The name conjures up images of an ancient and foreboding sea.  Spearfishermen see it as the ultimate test of skill and gear.  The Atlantis guns are the big brother to our "Watch Hill Reef" guns.  Still maintaining the iconic cuttlefish shape, these larger and more powerful guns can be tailored for each challenging species you hunt.  To handle the increase power, the enclosed track guides the shaft for blistering fast and pinpoint accurate shots.

Breakwater Speargun

The Breakwater Gun

Starting at $650

This is the gun that started the OSS story.  Originally, I wanted a short, mid-handle gun for chasing tautog around a local breakwater in low visibility and I thought I could make one myself.  The maneuverability of the gun is invaluable hunting in and around the rocks and the mid-handle design helps in those low vis conditions.  The design quickly caught on and resulted in the formation of this company!  The gun itself has gone through several facelifts, but it has remained a simple, stocky, rugged, "tog pistol".  

Sugar Reef Speargun
Sugar Reef Speargun

The Sugar Reef Gun

Starting at $600

A simpler, more wallet friendly, timber speargun.  The Sugar Reef Gun features a rectangular barrel profile, similar to the commercially available wooden spearguns from the big-name brands.  Just as capabable as the Watch Hill Reefs, these guns lack the compound curves and therefore are easier to produce.  The end result is a rugged handmade speargun you can enjoy for years to come.

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