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Custom Options

Wondering what options are availible for your custom speargun?  Take a look to see what your next speargun could include!  If you dont see a particular component, option, or gear, let us know and we will work with you to make your dream gun a reality!


Band Configuration

Rubber thickness and number of bands is fully customizable.  Choose from one-piece or looped bridles. Additionally, choose your own color scheme.  Options include black, blue, red, electric blue (not shown), hi-vis orange (not shown), hot pink, white (not shown), and red.



Whether you want a gun rigged with a single wrap, double wrap, or reel set-up. You're hunting pelagics and want a break-away rig?  We can do that too!  As with most options, if you want a certain color scheme, just ask. Mono colors include black, blue, clear, red, hi-vis yellow.



Most of our guns are built utilizing a handle base that accommodates any AR-15 style grip.  Stock guns come with a black "A2" hard plastic grip.  Customize your gun with a different color A2 grip or upgrade to a Hogue ergonomic/rubberized grip.  For a truly custom look, ask about our wood scales (as seen on the Wetherill Over/Under)


Stock (wood)

At the heart of every Ocean State Speargun is a stock, carved from hand-selected boards which are carefully cut and laminated to ensure years of dependable hunting.  Currently offerings include Teak (traditional brown) and Padauk (reddish color).  Teak is the traditional option for spearguns, however major manufacturers do offer a few guns in padauk as well.  Both have excellent strength and water-resistant characteristics, and the choice really comes down to personal preference on the appearance (color and grain pattern).  



Open tracks are simple and easy to load.  This is the style track found on most "standard guns".  

Enclosed tracks support the shaft during acceleration, reducing shaft whip which increases accuracy and range.  This style track is recommended for larger, more powerful guns.  Enclosed tracks are a little more cumbersome to load and one must be mindful of shooting a fish at close range...  


Mid-handle/Rear Handle

All spearguns are built to your specifications.  If you want a particular gun shown on our website in a different handle configuration, just ask.  Mid-handle spearguns are favored by those hunting in low visibility conditions and/or tight quarters, however recoil has a greater affect on this style gun.  Rear (euro) style guns are affected less by recoil and are arguable more intuitive to aim.  They also allow a spearo more distance between themselves and a shy fish they are approaching.  If you are unsure which style suits your hunting, we will work with you to ensure you get the best gun for your local conditions. 



Speargun length is like surfboard length.  One size may be great for a certain location (or species), but is totally unsuitable for another.  Most "generic" guns here in New England are in the 80-100cm length, but like many things, several factors and personal preference have a large impact on the size gun you use.  If you are unsure what length to go with, we will work with you to determine the best length for your situation.



Shaft length is determined by the species and environement you plan to use the gun. and ranges from 9/32" to 3/8".  

Unless otherwise requested, guns come with a 40cm overhang (distance between the end of the stock and the tip of the spear).


Wood Burning

If you want your custom gun adorned with some unique wood burning, just ask!  Check out the "Wood Burning" page (here).  We offer free "test burns" if you are unsure of what a certain request will look like, just ask!

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