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Outer Banks Dive Trip

Headed out of Wanchese marina, there was barely a hint of a breeze in the air. Running through the familiar waters of the sound, I was supprised to see how the channel had shifted due to recent storm activity. As we made the turn and headed out of Oregon inlet, we passed an Army Corps of Engineers dredge, headed out in an attempt to widen the channel. Over the bar, Captain Dave pointed the Glacier Bay towards the first dive spot of the day, some structure a few miles offshore.

Once suited up, we jumped in, just to find conditions extremly murky. After a few test dives, it was apparent the conditions didn’t get any better at depth. in an attempt to chase clearer water, we headed offshore a few more miles to a Navy tower. There we faced similar visibility coupled with some screaming current. Drafting behind the structure with we quickly spotted a huge school of spadefish. My dad was able to spear his first fish and team diver Joe landed a double (two fish on one shot).

After filling the cooler, we cruised home with our eyes peeled for the migrating cobia. We were able to land one undersized cobia and saw a large hammerhead swimming on the surface. The following day, Joe and I fried the entire catch and served up fish tacos to the family (they’re Greek, so there is a LOT of cousins). The tacos were topped with a red cabbage slaw, mango salsa, and lime crema… by far the best taco I have ever made.

Thanks again Vicarious Charters for another great trip. If you’re ever down in the Nags Head area and want to dive, I’d highly suggest diving with Captain Dave and Quintin! Visit their website or check them out on Instagram @vicarious_spearfishing

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