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About Ocean State Spearguns

I have been a lifelong fisherman and woodworker, so when i was introduced to spearfishing, building guns quickly became an interest of mine.  After a few build posts on a forum attracted some unexpected attention and at the suggestion of my supportive wife, I decided to take the plunge and launch "Ocean State Spearguns".  A small business in the smallest state, I do not expect to out-manufacture the big names in the industry.  What I can deliver to the customer is a unique gun, with each component and design detail tailored to their conditions and requirements.    Each gun is handcrafted for you, to support years of happy hunting with a truly beautiful and unique speargun.

Explore our base models and on the "Speargun" page and begin your customized gun build today!

Watch Hill Reef Spear Gun


I had a speargun made with a few custom details earlier this year and it turned out perfect! Matt was very communicative about the details and timeline of the build. If you’re looking for a quality custom wooden speargun, look no further!

William, New Jersey

Amazing speargun made by a true craftsman. My gun came out to be exactly the look and specs that I wanted, and it handled incredibly well in the ocean. I've brought several people out who've never fired a speargun, and many of them were able to secure trophy fish. I definitely recommend ocean state spearguns.

Max, Rhode Island

Top-notch spearguns! Great woodworking and craftsmanship, engineered for precision. Plus Matt is just a really solid dude, always available and always willing to help. Love my 90cm Watch Hill reef

Dan, Massachusetts

I can’t say enough about Matt at Ocean State spearguns ….in addition to being an amazing craftsman, he is a family man and just an all-around great guy …I am set to own my third Ocean State speargun and they have all operated with amazing smoothness and accuracy…. I personally Spearfish with Matt and I’m set to do some Bluewater trips with him as well….. not only a great craftsman as I said before but a great spearfishing partner….. The guns at ocean state are made to fit the individual user and Matt is great if you have any little tweaks or preferences….. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Greg, New Jersey

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If you have any questions about our custom speargun offerings, or have an idea for a one-off build, please email or call us!

Tel: (301)674-2103

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