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What will your custom Speargun look like?

The Design-Build Process

At Ocean State Spearguns, we specialize in delivering truly unique and custom spearguns to our customer.  When beginning a build for a customer, we start with a given design, and allow the customer to select any and all features on the gun including length, wood type, handle, band configuration (number of bands, thickness, color), rigging options (single wrap, double wrap, reel, etc..), track (open or closed).  These are just a few examples, and the combinations are limitless! Most of our guns tend to be mid handle, and each gun is fit to the customer by taking the "length of pull" measurement (from your web of your thumb to the crook of your elbow), to allow us to locate the handle as far forward on the gun as your body will allow and let the stock fall comfortably into your grip.  Once we have the gun designed, we can add custom wood burning to the gun.  This is the icing on the cake that will take that already custom gun, and make it into a piece of art that will look equally impressive in the water chasing fish, posed successfully on the deck of a boat next to your prey, or hanging on a wall at home reminding you of better days on and in the water.  Click below to browse our models or keep scrolling to see some wood burning ideas.  Of course, if the gun you have in mind isn't listed, contact us as we can work with you to make that dream a reality.



I have been a lifelong fisherman and woodworker, so when I was introduced to spearfishing, building guns quickly became in interest of mine.  After a few build posts online attracted some unexpected attention, and at the suggestion of my supportive wife, I decided to take the plunge and launch "Ocean State Spearguns".  A small business in the smallest state, I do not expect to out-manufacture the big names in the industry.  What I can deliver to the customer is a unique gun, each component and design detail discussed and chosen by the customer, each gun built to fit the customer exactly, and for the aesthetically inclined, custom wood burning on the stock.  When the design is finalized, your gun will be hand crafted for you, to support years of happy hunting with a truly beautiful and unique speargun.


Wood Burning

A custom touch offered by Ocean State Spearguns.  Whatever you would like on your speargun, we can add it.  Popular designs are fish, flags, and maps!  Take a look at some of our examples, and contact us if you have a particular design you have in mind! We'd love to prototype it to show you what it would look like.


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If you have any questions about our custom speargun offerings, or have an idea for a one-off build, please email or call us!



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